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When most people in their thirties or later think of braces, they think of “train tracks” and “metal mouths”. As a teenager, even if we knew work needed doing to our mouths to improve our smile and our oral hygiene, many of us forewent it because we didn’t want to be seen with clunky, unattractive metal wires and brackets when we went to school or college.

You may not know that, as unattractive as the old “train tracks” were, they are and were remarkably effective at aligning and positioning teeth. The technology has however come on in leaps and bounds since then meaning that you can actually plan how your teeth are going to look at the end of the process.

Braces now get better and faster results. Better still, specialist braces manufacturers have discovered that there are millions of people around the world in their thirties and older who regret not having their teeth straightened when they were younger. They also realised that, if braces could fit in better with their lives and not be so “obvious”, they’d ask their dentist about it.

At our Didcot and Oxford branches, we offer five of the most modern and “invisible” braces systems so that you can have the teeth and the smile you want. And it’s not just the benefit of nicer-looking teeth you’ll enjoy – there are major benefits for your overall health too.

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Five leading dental braces technologies at The Smile Practice

The first step to finding out what your teeth could actually look like after a course of treatment using modern invisible braces is to book an appointment with one of our orthodontists here at the Smile Practice’s clinics in Didcot or Oxford.

Our team have chosen the five leading systems so that you not only have a choice on how your teeth will look but how you get there too.

Invisalign braces

Invisalign braces are clear braces that fit across the entirety of your teeth. You don’t have to wear them all the time. Brushing your teeth and eating are a lot easier with Invisalign braces than traditional train-track braces.

Better still, they’re clear in colour so they’re virtually invisible to the naked eye. Over a course of time, the braces start to reposition and realign your teeth so that, at the end, they look exactly like you wanted them to look when you meet your consultant at our Didcot or Oxford practice.

Find out more about our Invisalign braces, available at both our Didcot and Oxford branches.

Six Month Smiles

The traditional wire and bracket technology used in braces always got great results. The problem was that while they functioned really well and did what they were supposed to, very little or no thought was given to how a patient might feel about how they look when they’re wearing them.

Six Month Smiles improves on the original technology and uses finely-hued clear brackets and wire that match the colour of your teeth.

Available at both our Didcot and Oxford branches, results with Six Month Smiles are quick and effective.

Inman Aligner consultants

If you want to straighten protruding or overcrowded front teeth quickly and effectively, Inman Aligners may be the best option for you. They’re also a great treatment if you want to reposition your front teeth for a further treatment like tooth veneers or standard whitening.

Learn more about our Inman Aligners.

Lingual Braces

Unique among the various leading teeth straightening technologies, Lingual Braces actually fit behind your teeth to offer you the ultimate in discretion. No-one will even know that you’re wearing them. They work well, quickly, and they are extremely safe.

Read more about our Lingual Braces.

Quick Straight Teeth

Unhappy with your front teeth but happy with the rest? For very quick results within 24 weeks, Quick Straight Teeth work on the alignment, positioning, and appearance on your front teeth only. Quick Straight Teeth braces use an enhanced version of the proven wire and bracket technology but for ultimate discretion, the wires and brackets are the same colour as your teeth.

Read more and find our factsheet on Quick Straight Teeth.

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When your dentist realigns and repositions your teeth to improve your appearance and for the benefits it brings to your oral and overall health, it’s called “orthodontics”.

Orthodontics is a special type of dentistry which requires additional training and on-the-job experience. Why? Because it’s technical, it’s complicated, and because it’s important to get it right first time. Your smile is very personal to you and our team of talented and qualified orthondontists at our Didcot and Oxford practice want you to be delighted with the results. We’ve seen so many patients whose quality of life has improved drastically because they feel happy about how their teeth look and feel.

To book your consultation with our Didcot or Oxford team, please call The Smile Practice on 01235 813245 today. You can also pop into our surgery to make your appointment in person.

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I am dropping a note to say thanks for all the work you have done for me, I am aware that I am not the easiest of patients. Your patience and explanations whilst work is underway was very much appreciated. The bridge work is really outstanding, here’s hoping I need nothing more than routine checks for some time.
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