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Choosing a Didcot or Oxford Private Dentist

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There are a lot of misconceptions around private dentists and dentists working for the NHS. NHS dental care is more about giving you just the courses and the treatments you need to keep your oral health to the required level.

A private dentist, like the ones we have here at our Didcot and Oxford branches, offers you more choice and much more control. It’s not about giving a level of service to the minimum possible standard, it’s about giving you the level of service and access to the treatments you want.

Treatment from a private dentist offers you a full range of care, totally personalised to you. It’s about a full range of dental care delivered by experienced dentists driven by what you need and what you want.

You can choose which private dentist you want to see at our Didcot or Oxford centres. When you build a relationship with your private dentist, you’ll feel relaxed and happy every time you go in to see him or her.

The benefits of becoming a private patient with us:

Access to cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dental treatment is not available as a routine treatment through the NHS. You need to go through a private dentist to make sure that treatment you receive provides you with a cosmetic dental result as well as an oral health result.

Be seen faster

We understand that, because you’re paying for the service, you’ll want to see your private dentist faster at either our Didcot or Oxford practice than if you were using another practice’s NHS service.

It is a priority for our practice that, when setting an appointment for you, we’ll do our very best to make sure the appointment times we offer fit in around your busy schedule.

Be seen for longer

You’ll not only be seen faster by your private dentist, you’ll also be seen for longer. That’s more time for you to tell your private dentist what your needs are, any treatment plans you’re interested in, or just more time for a friendly conversation.

Better relationships with labs

When we dispense private treatment to a client, we pay higher rates for items we use like implants, crowns, dentures, and bridges – they have to be the best in class within the budget we’re working with.

Over time, a private dentist builds up a solid commercial relationship with these leading dental laboratories where trusted and name technicians make everything by hand.

The strength of this relationship means we get these items back much quicker, shortening your treatment cycle.

Better for emergencies

If you have a dental emergency and choose to use a dentist working in the NHS, you will have to join a waiting list, even though it’s an emergency and you might be in unbearable pain.

By choosing a private dentist, you go straight to the top of the queue.

How much does private dentistry cost?

At The Smile Practice, we try to keep treatments as affordable as possible with competitive prices compared to other local dentists.

Private dentistry fees can vary depending on treatment required. A full list of treatment prices for adults and children can be found on our fees page.

Can you pay monthly for private dental treatment?

Patients can pay for dental treatments via finance to make a visit to the dentist more affordable.

Patients can finance check-ups and various treatments on membership plans and monthly repayments.

Can you mix NHS and private dental treatment?

Patients can choose a private dentist treatment option without it affecting their NHS status. Patients can mix treatments with private and NHS dentists.

Do private dentists charge for children?

Private dentist treatments do come at a price for children at a lower price compared to adults. The price will depend on level of treatment required for the young patient. Fees for private dentistry for children can be found on our fees page.

Didcot and Oxford private dentist now available for appointments

To book your consultation with our Didcot or Oxford private dentist, please call The Smile Practice on 01235 813245 today.

You can also pop into our surgery to make your appointment in person.

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I am dropping a note to say thanks for all the work you have done for me, I am aware that I am not the easiest of patients. Your patience and explanations whilst work is underway was very much appreciated. The bridge work is really outstanding, here’s hoping I need nothing more than routine checks for some time.
- Mr R G
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