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teeth whitening in oxford and didcot

If you need expert yet affordable teeth whitening near you in Oxford or Didcot that gives stunning and long lasting results, our highly experienced cosmetic dentistry team can help.

Our teeth whitening dentists includes principal dentist Dr Ajay Murgai (GDC No:85639), who has over 16 years extensive cosmetic dentistry experience and has helped whiten the teeth and improve the confidence for hundreds of patients across Oxfordshire.

All our dentists are members of the General Dental Council (GDC) and our clinics are regulated and regularly monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and British Dental Association Good Practice Member (BDA), so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with our dental team.

Brilliantly white teeth are possible at our Oxfordshire clinics

Your smile is arguably the most important aspect of your appearance.

We believe that all of our patients should be able to smile confidently – this is why we offer not one but two of the best industry-leading teeth whitening techniques here at our Oxford & Didcot practices.

Teeth whitening is now our most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment – and for good reason too. We all dream of that perfect Hollywood smile but brilliantly white teeth aren’t just for the rich and famous.

Our teeth whitening (also known as bleaching) treatments are an extremely safe and effective solution for patients with stained or discoloured teeth. It makes your teeth white by using hydrogen peroxide to release oxygen free radicals that remove stain molecules deep within the tooth.

At The Smile Practice near you in Oxford and Didcot, we offer teeth whitening that is safe, fast, affordable and gives fantastic long lasting results.

We carry both Enlighten and Boutique kits at our Oxford & Didcot practices – two of the very best home teeth whitening kits available in the UK. In just a matter of days, you’ll start to see brighter, whiter teeth – with results potentially lasting many years.

Look at some of our teeth whitening before and after photos below and read more about the systems with offer below that.

Teeth whitening patient reviews via Google

“Visiting the Smile practice in Didcot was a very good decision. As well as the teeth cleaning and whitening being a success, the practice is accommodating and punctual and all with a ‘smile’.”

“This place changed my life. I’m not being dramatic. It actually did. 2 veneers and teeth whitening and my whole face has changed. People cant get over how different I look, and neither can I. a few people have even stopped me to compliment me on my smile.

I had never been proud of my teeth and did try to hide them somewhat and thats all in the past thanks to the smile practice. In addition to having great treatment, the staff were all very nice and friendly.”

Google Review Rating
The Smile Practice is rated 4.4 out of 5 based on 175 ratings on Google


Enlighten home teeth whitening

Enlighten teeth whitening in Didcot and OxfordAt The Smile Practice, we are strong believers in offering both choice and reliability. That’s why we are delighted to be able to offer Enlighten deep bleaching. This is an incredible teeth whitening solution and it’s the only one in the UK to promise guaranteed results.

Enlighten teeth whitening is ‘the world’s best teeth whitening treatment’; brightening teeth up to sixteen shades lighter in just a matter of weeks.

It uses a combination of a home tray system followed immediately by an in-surgery procedure, ensuring your white teeth last for as long as possible.

We are proud to be accredited Enlighten partners, meaning our teeth whitening dentists in Oxfordshire are fully trained and qualified to carry out Enlighten whitening to the highest possible standard.

Your Enlighten teeth whitening treatment

At your consultation at our Oxford & Didcot based practices, we’ll discuss all of your options regarding your teeth whitening treatment. If you decide to go ahead with Enlighten, we’ll set to work creating a mould of your teeth.

This is then sent away to the Enlighten lab to craft your bespoke teeth whitening trays, custom made to fit around your teeth perfectly and comfortably.

Easy to use at home whitening

Once you receive your custom mouth trays, you’ll be given the Enlighten teeth whitening gel to take home with you. All you’ll need to do is place a small amount of the gel in each tooth segment in the tray and wear it overnight for two weeks.

Enlighten works by using active whitening ingredients designed to pass through your dental enamel; breaking down stains within it through chemical oxidation each night.

The process is completely safe, and you can always come back into The Smile Practice if you experience any sensitivity. Unlike some other power whitening systems, it causes comparatively little sensitivity.

You’ll start to notice white teeth within just days of using the treatment as part of the many benefits of cosmetic dentistry. After two weeks, you’ll come back in to our surgery in Oxfordshire for the final forty minute treatment with us.

Long lasting results

The results from your Enlighten teeth whitening treatment can last indefinitely with the right care. You can also keep hold of your bespoke mouth trays to wear one night every two or three months to keep your white teeth topped for years to come.

Boutique home teeth whitening

Boutique teeth whitening in Didcot and Oxford

The second revolutionary teeth whitening treatment we offer at our Oxfordshire practices is Boutique Whitening. This premium quality whitening gel delivers superior results in just a few days.

Boutique teeth whitening allows you greater flexibility in your treatment to fit in with your lifestyle with the option of either ‘Boutique By Day’ or ‘Boutique By Night’.

Boutique By Day

This offers incredible results with only one hour wear time each day – perfect for those looking for white teeth fast. It includes the brand’s highest strength formula to provide you with rapid results whilst remaining gentle on your teeth and gums.

This highly sophisticated solution also has integrated potassium nitrate to reduce sensitivity, with a high water content to keep your teeth hydrated throughout your treatment.

Boutique By Night

This gives you the chance to whiten your teeth while you sleep. This product uses a much milder formula than Boutique By Day, making it ideal for those with sensitive teeth who still want rapidly white teeth.

Again, this teeth whitening solution uses integrated potassium nitrate and additional water content to be as comfortable and kind to teeth as possible.

Your Boutique teeth whitening treatment

At your Boutique teeth whitening consultation, you’ll be fitted for your own premium quality bespoke mouth tray to perfectly around your own teeth.

The Boutique trays are specially designed to remain rigid enough to hold your teeth whitening gel in place, whilst soft enough to provide maximum comfort during your treatment.

There is also a handy ‘hot dot’ in the centre of each tooth segment in your mouth tray. Simply fill the dimple with your Boutique teeth whitening gel for the perfect amount you’ll need. This also helps in rationing out your whitening gel to last for several weeks for optimum results.

This solution provides rapid results, with visibly more white teeth in less than a week.

Teeth whitening costs in Oxfordshire

To help keep this treatment as affordable as possible, we ensure our teeth whitening prices are extremely competitive when compared to other expert dentists nearby in Oxfordshire, plus we include a free consultation.

To see our latest deals and prices, please see our teeth whitening costs.

Teeth whitening before and after patient photos

Industry-leading teeth whitening treatments in Oxford & Didcot

It is extremely important to be aware that beauticians and online teeth whitening products are not held to the same professional standard as the professional treatments we offer. This means they could administer a treatment that could potentially damage your teeth permanently.

Teeth whitening treatments should only ever be carried out by a fully qualified and experienced dentist or dental hygienist to achieve perfectly white teeth safely.

To book your teeth whitening consultation and get the brilliantly white teeth you have always dreamed of, call our friendly team on 01235 602101 or email us.

You may also wish to pop into our clinics in Oxford City Centre or Didcot, Oxfordshire, to make your appointment in person.

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The best experience from a dentist I've ever had. I suffer with dental phobia and from the start everyone at the practice was amazing. Dr Ajay Murgai was brilliant and took everything at a pace I could deal with. I highly recommend anyone who is as terrified as I am to go here!
- Jordan Woods
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